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Your Quest for Your Favorite Childhood Game Ends Here

That game is sitting on a shelf at East Coast Gamers

Digging through dusty cardboard boxes in your attic has been fruitless, and you've had no luck finding your favorite video game online. All hope isn't lost. East Coast Gamers likely carries what you're searching for. And if not, we can find it for you.

Since September 2012, we've become a haven for gamers young and old who want to play the games they grew up with. While you're walking down memory lane browsing our selection of vintage games and consoles, don't forget to explore what's new.

Over 3,000 feet of gaming space

Meet fellow gamers and compete for clout or prizes at East Coast Gamers. We host weekly and monthly events, so stop by to play games like...

Magic: The Gathering

Dungeons & Dragons


Feel free to bring your friends - the more the merrier. Visit the Events page now to learn more.

Got a pile of games gathering dust in your closet? Bring them to East Coast Gamers. We've got a waiting list for popular vintage games, so you'll make a fellow gamer's day by trading in your items.

We also accept vintage consoles and controllers, including Nintendo GameCube and Sega Saturn. Stop by today to buy, sell or trade.

Make room for new favorites